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5P - #wearecolleylanereaders

5th October 2023 – Tags: 5P

Take a look at all of the exciting reading we have been doing at home!

Gabrielle's Blog

This week, Gabrielle researched the importance of Sustainability and maintaining the planet. Have a read of her top tips for keeping our world clean and healthy! 

Gabrielles Blog

Alyssa's Vlog

Alyssa did a fabulous job showcasing all of her books in her vlog. She also read her favourite book and shared her thoughts on this. What a treat! 

Alyssas Vlog

Salina's Blog

Salina wrote her very own story about a sneaky princess. Make sure to have a read below! 

The Sneaky Princess!👸🏻🤫
Once a upon a time, there lived a beautiful but sneaky princess. Her parents knew that she was sneaky but they thought she would grow out of it. But she never grew out of it her parent thought nothing about it.

She lived by the river and there was castle. Everyday the princess would wake up and go outside and listen to the river making a noise. Splash! Whoosh! Pop! She loved the noises that the river made.

Everyone loved her at school the teachers let her do what ever she wanted. She was cheeky in school as well but the teachers also thought she would grow out of it. But of course she didn’t grow out of it. But the teachers didn’t think about it.

One day she was fed up of all the attention she got. So she thought of a plan to to sneak out of the castle and live a normal life. The next day she didn’t want to go to school so she faked being sick.

“Oh mom I feel sick I don’t want to go to school I am really sick!" said the Princess in a sick voice.

“Oh my gosh you are really sick!” said the Queen in a scared voice.

That day the Queen and the King went on a trip. She thought of a plan to sneak out of the castle and live a normal life. She needed money so she went to her parents room and stole the money.

Then she said to one of the maids. "Could you get me a purple ring and with this money," said the princess. What happened next was an adventure...

Ayaan's Blog

Ayaan really enjoyed reading with his sister this week. They read in the garden and enjoyed the dry weather whilst they could!


Ellie's Blog

This week, Ellie read Supertato with her brother. She loved it so much, she decided to write the next part of the story. Make you sure you take a look!

Ellie's Blog

Zak's Blog

Zak decided to read his favourite comic this weekend in his very own Spiderman outfit, sitting in the boot of his car! What a fabulous way to read.

ZakBlog ZakBlog1

Gabrielle's Blog

Gabrielle’s blog this week was of her reading in the bathtub! What a great, unusual place to read.

GabrielleBlog1 GabrielleBlog2

Nageb's Blog

Nageb worked hard to write his own story and used his creative skills to add extra detail to his writing.

IMG 0963 IMG 0965

Scarlett S's Blog

Take a look at Scarlett reading at home and enjoy her story.

Click here to read Scarlett's story