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english as an additional language at colley lane primary academy

English as an Additional Language

Our school celebrates the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of all learners. We recognise and value the home languages and cultural backgrounds of pupils who are learning English as an additional language (EAL). As a school, we value bilingualism and see it as a positive strength. EAL pupils make a valuable contribution to all aspects of our school life.

All of our children with EAL are taught in an inclusive and stimulating environment. Class teachers use a range of strategies to ensure children with EAL are able to access the learning and curriculum whether they are Advanced Bilingual Learners (ABL) or New to English (NtE). The children are able to socialise and interact with their peers who speak English fluently which allows them to learn the language quickly.

The progress and attainment of all EAL learners in reading, writing and Mathematics are closely monitored by the Class Teacher, the EAL Lead and Management to ensure they are doing as well as they can. We recognise that we are lucky to have pupils from a range of backgrounds, who speak a variety of languages. This adds to and enriches the culture of our school.

If your child is New to English Mrs Edhah (the EAL Coordinator) will meet with you to make sure you have all the information you need about the school. Mrs Edhah will also find out all about your child’s educational background to ensure your child is well supported and their needs are addressed as well as ensuring your child has a smooth transition into their new class.

We have a ‘New arrivals’ program for these children and their families. This program clearly lays out the procedures that need to be followed once a child is offered a place. The program covers the induction and support for newly arrived bilingual pupils.

Most EAL pupils needing additional support do not have special educational needs. Should special educational needs be identified, EAL pupils have equal access to schools SEN provision. If EAL pupils are identified as Gifted and Talented, they have equal access to the school’s provision.

EAL Department

  • Mrs Edhah - EAL Coordinator, Home School Liaison and Language Development Support

EAL Courses for Parents

We are committed to supporting our parents and the community. The following courses are currently offered to our parents.

Course Name Start Date Day and Time Tutor Location Register Interest
Functional Maths 3rd October 2022 Mondays, 1.00pm to 3.00pm - Our Hive (formerly Little Colliers) opposite the school 

Functional English 4th October 2022 Tuesdays, 1.00pm to 3.00pm - Our Hive (formerly Little Colliers) opposite the school

If there are any other courses you wish to be offered, then please see Mrs Edhah who will gladly look into it.

Our Success

Colley Lane are proud of the achievements our EAL pupils have achieved.

 Year 6 SATS(EAL)  2022 Pass Rate 2019 Pass Rate  2018 Pass Rate
Reading  71% 71% 56%
Writing   78% 71% 70%
Maths   67% 79% 78%
Combined   65% 71% 56%


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