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5C - #wearecolleylanereaders

5th October 2023 – Tags: 5C

Take a look at all of the exciting reading we have been doing at home!

Robyn's Vlog

Robyn created her own vlog all about her favourite book 'Mermaid School'. She looked so cosy reading her book in her PJs! 

Robyns Vlog

Finley's Blog

Finley really enjoyed reading his book over the weekend. What a great way to relax. 

Finley Cs blog

Robyn's Blog

One day, a rabbit called Floppy was wandering around in the woods all alone when she saw a pond and she heard a voice coming from it and it said “Hello I’m a jellyfish and my name is Jelly and I saw that you are alone. So do you want me to come with you or not?”said Jelly

“Oh yes please. I would love that, thank you.” Said Floppy

“So what is your name?”

“Oh sorry. My name is Floppy.”

“No, don't be sorry, it's fine.”

“Ok. Thanks”

“So am I coming with you?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Ok I will”


In the blink of an eye, a tub of water appeared and floppy placed jelly inside.

“Thank you so very much you didn’t have to do that.”

“But your my friend and friends help friends”

“I-I-I’m y-y-your f-f-friend”

“Of course you are”

“I’ve never had a friend before. Most people think I’m scary”


“Because they think that I will sting them. But I won’t”

“I know.”

Floppy picked up her friend and began walking. She had been walking for about 3 hours.

“I’m so tired.”

“Huh what’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Up there. In the tree.”

It was a baby koala.

“I think it’s in danger!”

It was. It was holding on a tree.

“We have to save it.”

“Help! I need help!”said the baby koala, “I’m about to fall!”

Floppy placed jelly down and the baby koala fell and floppy caught the baby koala.

“Thank you for saving me. What are your names?”

“My name’s Floppy.”said Floppy

“And my name’s jelly.”said jelly

“What’s your name?”said Floppy

“My name’s Coco.”said Coco

“That’s a very sweet name.”said Floppy

“Thank you”

“Would you like to come with us”said jelly

“Jelly!”said Floppy

“It’s ok. Yes please”

“Why are you in a tank of water?”said Coco

“I need water to breathe because I’m a jellyfish.”said jelly


“Come on. Let’s go!”said Floppy

“Ok.”said Jelly and Coco



“Do you want me to carry you or do you want to walk”said Floppy

“Can I walk please”


So the 3 of them set off into the woods.

“I'm hungry.”said Coco

“Me too”said Jelly

“And I am”said Floppy

“Maybe there’s something to eat”

“Let me get some leaves for us.”

“I don’t eat leaves.”said Jelly

“Then what do you eat?”said Coco


“I think that there’s a pond somewhere around here”said Floppy

“Yay”said Jelly

“Come on, let's go.”

“Ok”said Jelly and Coco

“I think it’s over here”

So Coco, Jelly and Floppy were trying to find the pond. They had been looking for hours until…

“We’ve found one .”said Floppy

“Yay”said Jelly, “Can you put me in please”


“Thanks,”said Jelly, “I’m going to throw some fish up. Can you catch it”



Floppy caught the fish and put them in the tank full of water then she placed Jelly in the tank.

“Mmmmm”said Jelly

“Yuck”said Coco

“Can I have some leaves please”said Floppy

“Sure”said Coco “Here you go”


Nom nom nom nom nom

“Mmmmm this is so good”

“I know”

“We need to try to get out of here”

The three of them started looking for a way out but it was no use. They had been looking all day but now it was time for bed. They built a shelter for the night. They will start looking again the next day.

“(Yawn)”yawned Floppy, “Guys, wake up it’s time to search again”

“(Yawn)”yawned Coco, “Can we have breakfast first?”

“Sure. Jelly, wake up.”

“(Yawn)”yawned Jelly, “I’m up.I’m up”

“Come on let’s go”

“Go where?”

“To get breakfast”

“Can I get some fish please”


“Come on Coco”


“Ok I’ll get the fish and you get the leaves ok”


A few hours later they arrived back and Jelly had fallen asleep.

“Jelly, we’re back”said Coco in a soft voice

“(Yawn). Finally your back, you took forever”

“Hey,”shouted Coco

“To be honest we did Coco,”said Floppy

“Oh sorry Jelly for shouting at you”said Jelly

“It’s ok Coco you are just a little girl after all”

“Thank you Jelly.”said Coco, “Floppy, when can we have breakfast?”

“Haha, we can have it now if you want but don’t eat all of it,ok”

“Ok. But why can’t I have all of it ?”

“For a snack later, for lunch, for dinner and for breakfast tomorrow. Same for you Jelly.”

“Ok”said Jelly

“Oh, ok”said Coco

“Come on let’s go and try to get out of here”said Floppy, taking charge

“Coming,”said Coco

“Guys I can’t walk remember, I'm a Jellyfish.”

“Oh yeah, Coco can you grab Jelly for me”

“Sure,”said Coco “Here you go”

“Coco you have a very important job,”

“Really! What is it!?”

“You get to hold Jelly.”

“Really. Yay”

And they set off to the woods and they finally found their way out of the woods.

“We’re finally out”shouted Floppy

“We can’t come with you though”said Jelly


“Because we live in the woods and it’s our home”

“No! No! No! I won’t leave…”

“You! Wait where am I? Oh I’m at home it was all a dream”

“What was a dream?”

“Coco, Jelly.”

They stayed friends forever


The end

Or is it… 

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Sasha's Blog

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