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Year 6 Boreatton Park Adventure: Rain or Shine!

1st March 2024

Year 6 Boreatton Park Adventure: Rain or Shine!

Year 6 adventurers are back from their exciting trip to Boreatton Park! While the weather wasn't perfect, their spirits soared as they conquered zip lines, giant swings, and even built their own (slightly soggy) rafts!

For those who stayed at school, Activities Week offered pizza-making, art, and games. This and the residential trip offered a unique chance for bonding and personal growth.

One parent shared, "My child is still buzzing about abseiling and building a fire with friends. It was amazing to see their confidence!"

Another remarked, "My initial hesitation vanished after seeing my daughter's excitement. She had fun with her friends, conquered fears, and learned teamwork. It's an experience she'll treasure."

While Activities Week was a great alternative, the residential trip fostered camaraderie and shared experiences. So, always, consider letting your child join the adventure! They might surprise you with their newfound confidence and lasting memories.

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