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Extra Curricular Opportunities at Colley Lane

24th April 2024

Extra Curricular Opportunities at Colley Lane 


At Colley Lane, we are proud to offer daily extra curricular activities before, during and after school. Our team of staff are committed to encouraging children to explore their interests and talents and to strive to reach their personal potential. We are always delighted to hear comments from parents about our clubs, such as: 


“All of the clubs at Colley Lane are fantastic, a wide variety of choices and also great for a bit of extended childcare due to work hours.” 


“Special thanks to Mrs Gould and Mrs Bevan for all the time and effort they put into making so many opportunities for life outside academia. Trying new things in a safe environment with friends and participating in competitions is just what children need for their own self confidence. I don't think Colley Lane can be beaten for these opportunities.”


“The clubs at Colley Lane are fantastic compared to a lot of other schools. My daughter is now signed up for 10! Every morning and every afternoon a different activity. All the teachers doing clubs are doing an amazing thing for the kids. Thank you”


The Benefits:

  • Research has consistently shown that participation in extracurricular activities provides numerous academic, social, and personal benefits for children.
  • Extracurricular activities help students develop important skills like time management, discipline, and focus that translate to academic success. 
  • Furthermore, they help children develop critical social skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. 
  • Extracurricular activities boost self-esteem and allow children to explore their interests and talents, which is important for developing a strong sense of identity.
  • Regular physical activity through sports and other activities improves children's physical and mental health. 


This summer term, please encourage your child to try a variety of extracurricular activities to find what they are passionate about. Extracurricular activities are a valuable investment in your child's development. By supporting their participation, you can help set them up for academic, social, and personal success both in school and beyond.

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