Colley Lane Primary Academy, Colley Lane, Halesowen, B63 2TN
Part of Windsor Academy Trust

Local Advisory Board

The Trustees have overall responsibility for the organisation and management of the School and its curriculum, delegating the day to day management to the Headteacher. You can find more information out about the Trustees on the Windsor Academy Trust website.

A regular meeting is held each term and additional special meetings for interviews, organisational and curricular matters. At our regular meeting, we concentrate most of the time on the teaching programme, the school and the community and the outworking of Government legislation.

The Local Advisory Board (LAB) Members want to be as accessible as they possibly can to all parents. Ms Jane Price is our Chair of LAB Members. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jane at

LAB Members

Full Name Position Date Appoinnted Term of Office Area of Responsibility Date Stepped Down (if applicable) Who appointed them
Mr Dominic Simpson Headteacher 1 Sept 2021       Ex-Officio
Miss Elizabeth Cheyne Staff Governor 20 Oct 2022 19 Oct 2026 Wellbeing and Mental Health for staff and pupils   Staff Election - Directors

Mr David Ball (Vice Chair)

Parent Governor 4 Nov 2022 3 Nov 2026 Assessment and Curriculum   Parent Election
Miss Emily Newton Parent Governor 4 Nov 2022 3 Nov 2026 Civic and Community   Parent Election
Mrs Marcia Leigh

(Parent Governor)

Appointed Governor

(25 Oct 2018)

25 Oct 2022

(24 Oct 2022)

24 Oct 2026

Pupil Premium, Sport Premium and Catchup premium


(Parent Election)


Mrs Mehnaz Aziz Appointed Governor 02 Dec 2021 1 Dec 2025 Inclusion and Diversity   Directors
Ms Sandra Moskot-Brettell Appointed Governor 18 Mar 2021 17 Mar 2025 SEND   Directors
Mrs Jane Price (Chair) Appointed Governor

1 Apr 2016

18 Apr 2020

22 Mar 2024

17 Apr 2020

24 Apr 2024

21 Mar 2028

Safeguarding and Health and Safety

Mrs Rebecca Boaler Parent Governor

25 Oct 2018

24 Oct 2022

  24 Oct 2022 Parent Election - Directors
Mr Chris Sturman-Sprigg Appointed Governor

27 Sept 2018

26 Sept 2022

  16 March 2022 Directors

LAB Member Attendance Record

Name 14/12/20 03/02/21 21/06/21 01/11/21 16/03/21 20/06/22 14/11/22 22/03/23 26/06/23 13/11/23 04/03/24
Ms Jane Price P P P P P P P P P P P
Mr Chris Sturman-Sprigg
Miss Helen Hale P X R R R R R R R R R
Mr Dominic Simpson - - - P P P P P P P P
Mrs Marcia Hart (Clerk)
- - - - - - - - - - -
Miss Alice Jones (Clerk) - -   - - - P P - - -
Mrs Sandra Moskot-Brettell P TE P P P P P P P P X
Mrs Rebecca Boaler P P P P P P TE TE TE TE TE
Mrs Marcia Leigh P P P P X P P P P P P
Mrs Mehnaz Aziz - - - - P P P P P P P
Mr David Ball - - - - - - P P P P P
Miss Emily Newton - - - - - - P P P P X
Miss Elizabeth Cheyne - - - - - - P P P P P

Coding =  P - Present, X - Absent, TE - Term Ended, R - Resigned

LAB Declared Business Interests

Name Declared Business Interests
Ms Jane Price
  • Works as a Clerk to Governing Bodies for Dudley MBC
  • Chair of Governors at St Mark's CE Primary School
  • Member of the Local Governing Body of Hamdingle Primary School Pedmore
  • Governor for Belle Vue Primary School in Wordsley
  • Chair of Governors at St Margarets at Hasbury CE Primary School Halesowen
  • Co-Chair of Governors at Halesowen CE Primary School
Mrs Marcia Leigh
  • Parent of a student at Colley Lane Primary Academy
Mrs Mehnaz Aziz
  • Parent of a student at Colley Lane Primary Academy
Miss Emily Newton
  • Parent of a student at Colley Lane Primary Academy
  • Parent works for Chartwells in the school kitchen
Mr David Ball
  • Parent of a student at Colley Lane Primary Academy
Ms Sandra Moskot-Brettell
  • Previous staff member and staff governor
Miss Elizabeth Cheyne
  • Staff member at Colley Lane Primary Academy