Colley Lane Primary Academy, Colley Lane, Halesowen, B63 2TN
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The Big Schools Birdwatch

15th February 2023

This winter, reception children took part in The Big Schools Birdwatch. They have recently been learning about the season of winter and how the trees have no leaves and there isn't much food available for wild birds.

The children made some great bird feeders using porridge oat, Trex and raisins. They moulded this around pine cones and sticks and put them in the glade, a wooded area in school, to attract different birds and provide them with much needed food.

The children showed great resilience when the bird feed didn't instantly stick to the pine cone or stick and showed real enthusiasm when mixing and talking about where they were going to place their bird feeder.

The following week, the children visited the site again and recorded in pairs how many birds they saw. The children spotted pigeons, magpies and robins. They also spotted that all the bird feed had been eaten and were keen to make more to attract more birds in the future.

This activity provided the children with great real life experiences, it promoted talk, partner work, developed maths skills and also a greater understanding of our local environment.