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Parental Location Trackers: A Guide to Keeping Your Children Safe

10th February 2023

As a parent, your biggest concern is always the safety and well-being of your children. In today's fast-paced world, children have access to mobile phones from a young age and spend a significant amount of time online. While this can be a positive thing in many ways, it can also pose some serious risks to their safety and well-being.

As the days get lighter and children play out or, in Year 6, start to walk to and from school on their own, it's important that they are safe which is why many parents choose to use parental location trackers for their child's mobile phone.

What are Parental Location Trackers?

Parental location trackers are software or apps that allow parents to track their child's location through their mobile phone. These trackers use GPS technology to accurately track the child's location in real-time. Some of these apps also have additional features such as geofencing, which allows you to set boundaries for your child's movement and receive notifications if they cross these boundaries.

Why Use a Parental Location Tracker?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a parental location tracker for your child's mobile phone. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Safety: Keeping track of your child's location at all times can give you peace of mind and ensure that they are safe. This is especially important if they are out of your sight, such as when they are on their way to school, playing with friends, or travelling.
  2. Emergency Situations: In an emergency, knowing your child's location can be crucial. With a parental location tracker, you will be able to quickly locate your child and take appropriate action if needed.
  3. Managing Screen Time: Many parental location trackers also include features for managing your child's screen time. This can be useful for setting limits on how long your child is allowed to spend on their phone and ensuring that they are not spending too much time online.
  4. Improving Communication: With a parental location tracker, you can stay in touch with your child even when you are not physically together. This can improve communication between you and your child and help you feel more connected.

It is important to speak to your child about why you would use a tracker but also to stress that if you are giving them the responsibility of walking to school or playing out with friends, that they respect your need to know where they are.

There are many tools and trackers out there and this article from Tech Advisor suggests some of the best.