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National Storytelling Week

30th January 2023

Colley Lane Primary Academy is excited about... National Storytelling Week.

National Storytelling Week takes place every year and is a celebration of the power of sharing stories. Stories teach us about the world, they allow us to step into someone else’s shoes and feel empathy, they help us to relax and escape and they can help develop essential literacy skills (National Literacy Trust)

How to inspire our children to be STORYTELLERS:

  • Create story cloths/storyboards/comic strips together that map out important pictures from a story. Challenge children to retell the story, using the pictures as prompts!

  • Create a courtroom drama and put a character from a story on trial!

  • Create a freeze frame drama and retell an entire story through a freeze frame performance.

  • Create a retell using props: sound effects, musical instruments, masks, costumes and stage props.

  • Create an audio recording of a retell. Gift it to someone you love as a precious memory of childhood storytelling.

  • Get mathematical about storytelling! Create a story graph and plot the highs and lows/ fortunately vs unfortunately to enable children to retell using the prompts.

  • Story making circles - make up a story in a circle one sentence at a time. This often leads to some very silly stories!

  • Paint a picture from a story extract. Make sure every word is brought to life! 

  • Create story shrines, dioramas and 3D representations

  • Make a story treasure box. Fill it with props. Children have to select the prop/s and create a story.

Final thought: let's get nostalgic about storytelling! Share your own earliest memory of storytelling. Why are you still able to remember it today?

For more ideas and further information see this, published by StoryQuest.