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Mental Health and Wellbeing Blog - July

30th June 2023 – Tags: Mental Health, Wellbeing

Colley Lane Primary Academy aims to help our children by providing support for their mental health and wellbeing. This is the first of our monthly blogs that will be filled full of tips to help support our children and families. They will include activities that have taken place in classrooms, fun things to do at home and links to advice and further support.

BBC Bitesize Moodboosters

BBC Bitesize Moodboosters are short videos that help support children to understand their emotions as well as get them active. They can all be accessed here:

BBC Bitesize Moodbooster

This months top 2 videos, selected by our children are:

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Recharge - Self-Belief Warriors

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Imagine – Haunted House


Action for Happiness

Action for happiness releases a monthly calendar to help support children's mental health and wellbeing. This month isJump Back July. Please click the link below to find the interactive version of the calendar.

 Action for Happiness Calendar


Monthly Mindfulness Moment

We try to practise Mindfulness in our classes when we can. Each blog will contain a link to a popular mindfulness activity that has been using within school and that the children have enjoyed. This month Reception have shared a movement video that they enjoy as a class to help them feel energised and positive

Freeze Dance Song

This month we also want to share calming moment video that the children in year 3 have chosen

Take a deep breath


Story Corner

We also have a story to support mental health and wellbeing this month, a story that shows two siblings working together to find calm moments when their have very busy days.

I am calm

Community Corner

As the summer holiday fast approaches Dudley have shared some summer wellbeing tips for families.

You can access this information here:

Keep safe and well this summer

DadPad App

DadPad is an easy-to-use app now freely downloadable for dads-to-be and new dads across the borough.

It’s packed with lots of useful information, including advice on feeding, holding, changing and cleaning your baby, surviving without sleep and coping with crying, getting to know your baby, home safety and first aid and looking after yourself and supporting your partner. It also has details on local support groups and service providers.

The app aims to help dads be more confident and enjoy their new role as fathers. It also provides dads with guidance on how to support and seek help, if needed, for their partners and themselves as they adjust to fatherhood.

The DadPad app is FREE in Dudley borough. Go to the DadPad website and follow the instructions to download.`

DadPad App

Healthy Steps

If you prefer to plan things by yourself, you can use the Healthy Steps programme.

Are you worried that your family is eating too much sugar? Or finding it hard to eat well on a budget? Maybe you’re struggling to get the kids to eat their fruit and veg.

To eat healthier meals together, it helps to plan ahead. Sign up to 8-week Healthy Steps emails for easy tips, budget friendly recipes, Disney games, family challenges and lots more.

Take the Healthy Steps quiz and sign up to receive tailored weekly emails giving you easy and practical ways for the whole family to eat better and move more.

Find out more

Healthy Lifestyle Support

Families that live in the Dudley borough can get free one-to-one support to become healthier.

A family wellness coach can help you and your kids become more active and create healthier habits. Choose your goals together – your coach will help you achieve them.

Make an appointment with the Healthy Lifestyle Support Service.

Call 01384 732402 or email

Healthy Lifestyle Support Service

Please click here to visit the Wellbeing section of our website:

Wellbeing Page

Or contact:

to speka to a member of the pastoral team.