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Mental Health and Wellbeing Blog - March

7th March 2023 – Tags: Mental Health, Wellbeing

Colley Lane Primary Academy aims to help our children by providing support for their mental health and wellbeing. This is the first of our monthly  blogs that will be filled full of tips to help support our children and families. They will include activities that have taken place in classrooms, fun things to do at home and links to advice and further support.

BBC Bitesize Moodboosters

BBC Bitesize Moodboosters are short videos that help support children to understand their emotions as well as get them active.They can all be accessed here:

BBC Bitesize Moodboosters

This month’s top 2 videos, selected by our children are: 

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Boat Race

"Through a combination of rowing, jumping, leaning and ducking, pupils are shown that it is okay to go wrong from time to time, since everyone occasionally has a “whoops” moment."

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Make Some Noise

“Evie Pickerill inspires children to turn their bodies into musical instruments to help stimulate awareness of controlling movement, muscular strength, coordination and balance.”

Action for Happiness

Action for happiness releases a monthly calendar to help support children's mental health and wellbeing. This month is Mindful March. Please click the link below to find the interactive version of the calendar.

Action for Hapiness Calendar


Monthly Mindfulness Moment

We try to practice Mindfulness in our classes when we can each blog will contain a link to a popular mindfulness activity that has been using within school and that the children have enjoyed.

This Months is:

Moon Meditation with MoovLee Monkey

Story Corner

We also have a story to support mental health and wellbeing this month, a popular story for children around understanding the importance of talking about our worries.

Ruby's Worry (Share a Story Corner)

Please click here to visit the Wellbeing section of our website:

Wellbeing Page